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    • MEMO reminder software it''s like you have a virtual Assistant who work for you all day long. MEMO will help you to avoid problematic memory lapses, ensuring your life will be more easy and work is super organized .

    • Interactive animated i-board. The tool has several basic functions. These are: a "Post-It" like function where one can stick eye-catching notes on the desktop, which can be dragged anywhere on the screen; an alarm clock, which rings at a specified time and can be snoozed with a click; weather condition of major German cities .

    • Fully scalable Desktop Alarm Clocks that can be placed anywhere on your screen, rotated with total freedom, resized to any scale and set in 3D perspective view without losing any graphics quality. Alarm function can be used as countdown timer - clock computes future alarm time based on defined delay (eg. after 5 min.). Support for TimeZones. It''s portable, can be put on the USB stick to carry around. Native Windows or Portable App installer .

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    • Fun, polished program that tracks holidays and other important events in your life, so you can be sure not to forget about something crucial (like your wedding anniversary!) ... and you can share events with people you know .

    • Organize your schedule and get reminders with a free calendar program. Google Calendars can be synced to your computer and even accessed while offline. A transparent calendar displays on the Windows desktop, providing easy access to your schedule .

    • Handy timer solution with many cool features. Can be used like an oven timer in countdown mode, an alarm clock, or a stopwatch. Unique visualization feature shows time passage graphically. Set multiple alarms with many options. Great for teachers .

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