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    • NALalyse allows Novell ZENWorks administrators to quickly sanity check, search and document ZENWorks for Desktops NAL objects - its sophisticated rule-base detects dozens of potential NAL configuration issues, including accidental distribution of machine specific registry and file data, inappropriate distribution of system DLLs, applications with no associations, slow to distribute apps and deviations from Novell best practices

    • Lomsel EasyINI is a multi INI editor. If you want edit one INI file or many INI files at once this is a program you are looking for. You can use many file filter options to search for INI files and change their values in ini sections. You can check all results in a log box. Program has a nice looking interface and is easy to use .

      Ini editor

    • Filelister has its goal to be a fast, efficient and reliable filelisting utility. The main function of the program is to create a text or html file from the contents of a disc or folder and display it according to the users'' preferences. It has an option to be integrated into the explorer shell to easy access and create a list from within an explorer window .

      mailing list

    • Pendrive Reminder is designed to prevent you forget your pendrive in the computer at work or at a friend''s house, using the balloon tips that appears in the notification area [XP, Vista RC and 7]. You can use 3 modes: Silent [Only when log off, shut down or restart ], Alarm [Pops up when the alarm time comes] or Countdown [Pops up when the counter reaches zero seconds]. It also pops up when removing the pendrive from the PC .

      Pendrive Reminder

    • When a Windows XP user asks how to fix a problem they''ve recently started having with their PC my first response is to use System Restore to roll it back to a point just before the problem started. I''ve found the majority either don''t know how to use it, don''what it does, turned it off because it uses too much disk space and virtually all say that Microsoft''s Help file is not very helpful to which I''d agree .

    • Very small ''desktop'' timer watch, with date and alarms. Has a few other configurable options. To set the alarm, double click on ''body'' of watch. To move, just drag it''s window arround with mouse. Remembers it''s state, position, etc. .

    • Freeware batch checker/manager of SFV filesets, check, create, maintain, copy, move and zip support. Set up one or more path (or launch from Windows Explorer) and SFVManager finds all sfv''s, checks them and allows you to perform batch operation on the results .

      postal code

    • AlphaCuts swiftly displays, in alphabetical listings, your programs on the startmenu, favorites in Internet Explorer and documents in the My documents folder. It lists the relevant directories and categories and the items they contain, to help you quickly find what you are looking for. It is also possible to search for full or partial words .

      search engine

    • Allows users to monitor events recorded in the Application, Security, System logs, dispatches the notifications about events via LAN, which can be received by the Windows NT4/2000 Messenger service, and using e-mail, SMS and ICQ (via e-mail gates )

    • Create from one to thousands of unique CD Key/Serial Numbers. Use 25 predefined filters or create your own. Each set generated will create the number of Keys you specify without any duplications. Save to file and print .

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